AJA publishers is a daughter organisation of National Management Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, the country’s prominent consulting firm with an experience of over 32 years. NMC has completed over 1400 research studies and consulting reports for the Government, Public sector organisations, local and Multinational corporations, multilateral financial institutions (such as World bank, IDB, ADB, IMF, etc) and bilateral donor organisations such as USAID, UKAID, CIDA, SIDA, SDC, NORAD, GIZ, JICA, AUSAID and others.

AJA Publishers commenced its journey in 2016. It was established to publish and market high quality publications on wide ranging subjects. It aims to promote research and academic culture following the international standards. The long standing brand equity and experience of conducting research studies for both local and international clients, large in-house library, information center, local and international collaborations are being used to produce World class publications for use by  Academics and students, Government Policy Makers and functionaries, Research Organizations & Media and General Readers.


Following are the publications of AJA publishers:

Creation of Bangladesh –  Myths Exploded

The creation of Bangladesh is the most tragic episode of Pakistan’s history, invoking the feelings of loss of not a geographical territory but of family, integrity, trust, honor, and identity. This book breaks new grounds in revealing the real facts behind the loss of East Pakistan. It sheds chronological light on the actors, their conspiracies, their misadventures and their failings, whose actions culminated into the calamity of the demise of East Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s misfortune that untrue, baseless propaganda of the friendly and antagonistic stakeholders in the creation of Bangladesh tarnishes Pakistan’s international image and stains its history with untrue allegations of instigating genocide.

This book is a unique attempt to lift the veil of misunderstandings and cover-ups that mislead history into the unjustified labelling of Pakistan as the perpetrator of the horrifying atrocities committed against the Bengalis during the course of events that resulted in the creation of Bangladesh.

A comprehensive methodology has been adopted to provide a balanced and complete document on the calamity of 1971.both primary and secondary sources have been used in compilation of this book. A detailed study of Bangladeshi, Indian, and Pakistani narratives has been carried out to provide a better understanding. Books by Indian and Bengali army officers, militants, politicians, intellectuals have been studied for understanding their perspectives on the event of 1971.

Junaid Ahmad’s intensively researched and articulately written book is an astonishing divulgence of the naked truth about the creation of Bangladesh, which expressively separates facts from fiction.

INDIA – An Apartheid State

Presently, the world celebrates Indian secularity, democracy, economic growth, military power and its urge for global power status. In contemporary geopolitical and geo-economic dynamics, India is mostly being mentioned as a model of development and peace. However, less has been done to conduct an inward review of the Indian society and state. Much of Indian society is a practical manifestation of Hinduism and its apartheid society. The book is basically an inward inspection of India and Hinduism, its philosophy, concepts, elements, which are structurally based on its caste system, which itself is apartheid.

Junaid Ahmad has collected a wide-range trove of facts, mostly from Indian, British and American sources, that expose the hollow secularism based on chicanery and deception through which present-day India constantly tries to befool the world.

Upcoming Projects

Following are the upcoming books of AJA Publishers:

Topics of the Quran (English Version)

Topics of the Quran (Urdu Version)

The Economy of Pakistan

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