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Dr. Junaid Ahmad

Junaid Ahmad is an accomplished academician, researcher and a prominent Management Consultant of Pakistan. He has studied at Govt. College of Commerce & Economics, Karachi, Concordia University and McGill University in Montreal, Canada in mid 1970s. He has over three decades of experience of teaching university level courses and executive development programs both in Canada & Pakistan. Since 1986, he has supervised completion of over 1,400 research studies and consulting assignments as Chairman of National Management Consultants, the Country’s premier management consulting firm. He has also been actively involved in numerous research studies and movements relating to current issues confronting Pakistan. He has also authored two text books in the areas of commerce and Pakistan economics. He has been a member of the Board of Governors and is the life member of Karachi Council on Foreign Relations (KCFR).

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by Dr. Junaid Ahmad

The creation of Bangladesh is the most tragic episode of Pakistan’s history, invoking the feelings of loss of not a geographical territory but of family, integrity, trust, honour and identity. It is an unhealed wound which bleeds tears not only of loss and remorse, but of frustration and grief on the undeserved accusations.

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26 January 2019

بھارت جہاں کوئی نہ سر اُٹھا کے چلے
“Marriot Hotel”
Karachi. Pakistan

14 July 2018

بنگلہ دیش کی تخلیق
“Readers Club”
Karachi. Pakistan

28 February 2018

India – An Apartheid State
“ISB Club”
Islamabad. Pakistan

07 February 2018

India – An Apartheid State
“Nishat Hotel”
Lahore. Pakistan

09 January, 2018

India – An Apartheid State
“PC Hotel”
Karachi. Pakistan

16 Dec 2016

Creation of Bangladesh –  Myths Exploded
“Marriot Hotel”
Karachi. Pakistan
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